This is the website of Koen & Yvonne. Together with our son Quinten, our daughter Anique and our two cats Ukk & Puck and a bunch of goldfish, we live in a small city called Oldenzaal which is located in the eastern part of The Netherlands. Click on our names to find out more about us.

Home of Domotics

This website runs on SharePoint 2016 Technology. I use it to gain practical experience on using, hosting, extending and experimenting with the SharePoint platform which becomes of great use and value through my daily work as a Microsoft SharePoint Specialist. One of my demonstrations when showing the flexibility of SharePoint and how it can interact with many external systems is that I have created a home automation system (more often called domotics) which makes use of SharePoint 2016 and its Add-In Model architecture to interact and share real-time information on many things that go on in our house.


I have moved the knowledgebase articles to its own address to keep it separated from the rest. You can find it by browsing to

Have a pleasant stay at this site and feel free to contact me when having any questions.

Koen Zomers
Oldenzaal, The Netherlands