Koen.jpg‚Äč Hi my name is Koen Zomers. In my daily life I work as a Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft with a specialization in SharePoint Technology and generic Software Development. As a software development geek & enthusiast I have been writing software for many many years already. Started when I was about 5 with writing small DOS batch scripts, continued into doing some GW Basic development, evolved into QBasic development and when Windows was introduced, Visual Basic was there to continue with. I've always been fascinated with the creativity one can apply to software development to achieve pretty much anything one wants to accomplish.

I live together with my wife Yvonne, my son Quinten, my two cats Ukk and Puck and a bunch of goldfish in Oldenzaal, Twente, Overijssel, The Netherlands.


One of my interests is towards home automation. Started off in my student house at the campus of the University of Twente, I started writing software to automate the daily things like who's cooking, what's on the menu, who owes who what and many more. Challenged by the endless creativity of my housemates eventually the whole process of grabbing a beer from the fridge to having it charged on your account and having the stock monitor keep an eye on how many beer there was left and if new beer should be ordered to prevent from running out of beer. Another example was based on those nights where you're on your way home from a night of going out in the city and you're hungry for some snacks. Through a text message, via a website or through an MSN Bot one could simply order the frying pan at home to switch on already so it would be warm and ready for use by the time one got home. Unfortunately you still had to put the snacks in it yourself, but hey.. it helped :)

Continued on in my own house today I have gained much inspiration from another domotics enthusiast called Pieter who hosts his website at www.bwired.nl and shares with the rest of the world many things that go on in his digitalized house. Very interesting to learn what can be done and what techniques are available to accomplish it.


Next to all the geeky stuff I also like to dive. That is, as a holiday recreational diver. I'm not the kind of person who goes on a week of holiday to do only diving, but more like to take a dive or two when going somewhere on a holiday anyway. I'm currently certified for PADI Open Water, PADI Advanced Open Water and Nitrox Diving.


I like to play games whenever I got a chance. I used to play quite a bit of online games during my college years. Nowadays I prefer board games with friends a bit more. Check out more on my special games section.


UkkEnPuck.jpgBeing raised with cats around me pretty much my whole life has left its marks. I'm totally crazy about cats. Always have been and probably always will be. We have two cats running around on our house terrorizing our furniture (of course always when we're not there). They're two female sisters and go by the names Ukk and Puck. We've picked them up from the great animal shelter in Oldenzaal. These people are doing an amazing job for the animals in and around Oldenzaal that are left without a house to live in. Check out their website (Dutch only): www.dierentehuisoosttwente.nl. You can find more about Ukk and Puck on their very own special page.


I've started off going to my elementary school in Heesch, Brabant. It was called "De Krullenvaar". After a few years I moved to "Sterrenbos" located in Oss, Brabant to finish my primary school time. After that I signed up for "Mondriaan College" where I went through my high school years. Once done with that I followed a informatics study (Hoger Informatica Onderwijs - HIO - in Dutch) at the university of professional education called "Hogeschool 's-Hertogenbosch" located in Den Bosch. Once done with that I decided to register for Twente University to do a telematics study there. I soon found out that all the theoretic yadayada wasn't my thing and I was more of a practical guy. Just get it work. That's when I decided to enter the fields and continue building knowledge and gain experience by doing rather than by philosophy and reading books.


Of course one needs to work to gain income. I started my full time career with Sogeti Nederland B.V. I've spend 7 years there and have learned a lot regarding software development in professional environments. Starting with pure C# development, going to ASP.NET development, BizTalk development, Microsoft Dynamics development and eventually also getting in touch with SharePoint development, I've enjoyed a career with lots of variety and great learning goals. In June 2012 I decided it was time for me for the next step and to check out how it would be to work elsewhere. I ended up finding an awesome job at Microsoft as a Premier Field Engineer with a specialization in SharePoint and general Software Development. As a Premier Field Engineer I help out our premier customers throughout Europe with both proactive advice as well as help them out in reactive cases where something has gone wrong and help is needed in order to correct it. I provide many trainings on SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 technology to our customers and always enjoy doing so a lot. Its interesting to experience the differences in people, their culture and the way they think about thinks and to find a way to transfer my knowledge to them in an effective and meaningful way.

You can find my resume at www.linkedin.com/in/koenzomers


Another one of my hobbies is to travel and see more of the world. Always have been intrigued by exploring more than just the area I live in. That's also the reason why during my study time I've spent about 6 months of it at The Trover Foundation located in Madisonville, Kentucky, United Stated of America to do my internship. My graduation has been done through a graduation project at Invensys Wonderware at the Odense, Denmark office. Both two great experiences which have given me a lot of insight and knowledge which I can still apply and use today.

One of my goals is still to have visited all the countries in Europe at least. As this tends to get more difficult over time by having visited the nearest and best reachable ones, I'm also extending my goals to see countries in other continents. The status of my Europe list is:

I like to share my travel and accommodation experiences through Zoover and TripAdvisor. You can find my profiles there on the following links:

Also when it comes to coding, sharing is caring. I'm sharing some of my creations publically at:

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You can find me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/koenzomers
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You can find me on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/koenzomers


And of course we still have the good old e-mail. You can reach me at mail@koenzomers.nl.